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Fresh or naturally smoked.

Top Food

Company "Top Food" started its activity in 2014 and specializing in fresh and smoked cheese production.

Our cheese is the result of skilful and responsible work of cheese masters. Cheese is made from high quality Latvian cows milk. No preservatives or flavour enhancers are used during cheese preparations. The quality of the products is confirmed by the certificate "Green spoon". Our cheeses are very good as self-starters, but also can be fed to a variety of drinks.

Our cheeses are the best snacks for a party, while travelling or to have a bite on the go. Cheese flavour becomes more distinct, when cheese is served at room temperature. To make food more spicy and interesting, we recommend to add our cheese to soups, salads and sandwiches!

The products of our company are popular both in Latvia and abroad. We export our cheeses to Lithuania, England, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, USA, Israel, Slovakia, Slovenia; and we are actively searching for cooperation partners in other countries of the world. We work with "Airbaltic" airlines.

Smoked cheese sticks with a taste of slight sharpness – an excellent snack for both children and adults! Deep aroma’s harmony with a spicy taste.

A true masterpiece – an unusually beautiful braid of plaited cheese threads with a classic taste or the distinct aroma of a smoked product, made by a cheese master!

Smoked, soft mozzarella’s cheese balls – marvellous snack, an ideal ingredient for an unusual salad, easy to use at picnics or stand-up parties. Cheese will decorate your festive table and a daily meal.

Crunchy cheese pieces with different flavours for every taste. Crunchy texture gives the product rich notes to suit any taste.

Fresh cheese strings with different flavourings – healthy and tasty snack. Natural flavours give the product particularly rich notes to suit any taste.

Welcome to TopFood, an online haven for true cheese lovers.